President - Stacy Bradt
Secretary - Kim Hudson
Treasurer - Aubrey Pruyser
Larry England
Mark Payne

Theatre Manager
Delancie McLain

Crew Leads
Krista Nairn
Mackenzie Olmstead
Fabi Sarabia
Jarie Coggins
Georganna Buss / Pam Dodd
Aubrey Pruyser
Amber Wood
Grace Living Center
Chandler Keenan
Carolyn Davis

Mark Payne
Larry England
Kim Hudson
Isabel and Manuel Favela

Theatre Treasurer
Aubrey Pruyser


To begin this project, a handful of volunteers took on $72,000 in loans to purchase the theatre property, replace and upgrade equipment, and to begin operations.  Buffalo Theatre has been aggressive in saving aside to pay off the notes as quickly as possible. So, currently, along with that saving aside, a grant from the Inasmuch Foundation and fundraisers by Buffalo Theatre, we have already whittled that debt down substantially!

Volunteers in Buffalo Theatre donate an average 56 hours per week!  This is an absolutely phenomenal project.  We are very fortunate to have the volunteers we have giving so much of their time for our community and area.   Attendance in Buffalo Theatre has gradually increased over the course of the project.  Our average attendance is 140 people per weekend.  Definitely better than expected, thank goodness!

You are viewing this on our new website and we hope you like it!  Remember we also have the toll free information station to keep you abreast of what’s going on with Buffalo Theatre.  That is  888 EZ BUFFALO  (1-888-392-8332).

PLEASE consider helping with your generous donation.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

Be sure to come see us at Buffalo Theatre for some fresh popped corn and we thank you a mint!

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